Live Macron shouted to resign, hospitalized in the psychiatric ward

In social media images, France 2 channel host Julien Bugier, while broadcasting live on the new type of coronavirus epidemic (Kovid-19) in the city of Dieppe in the Normandy region, said that one person “Macron Resignation, Benalla (Macron’s former bodyguard convicted of beating protesters) is heard shouting “to jail”.

In the video we see that Bugier, who was presenting the program outside, tried to continue his broadcast uncomfortably despite the resounding “resignation” slogan.

According to reports in the French press, the man who said “Macron has resigned” was first stopped by the police and then transferred to the psychiatry service by order of the prosecutor.

Far right Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Unity Party (RN), said on her Twitter account: “Incredible. This regime continues to scare.” showed his reaction.

Jean-Luc Melenchon, the leader of the far left French Subjugation Movement (LFI), also said the “forced psychiatry” decision was unacceptable and that the policies of his political rival Le Pen had an impact on this.

Although he has not yet announced his candidacy, Macron, who is preparing for the 2022 presidential election, has been criticized for not tolerating criticism of him and for trying to suppress opposition voices through state institutions.

In September, the protester who threw eggs at Macron during his visit to the city of Lyon in the south of the country was also compulsorily hospitalized in the psychiatric service, on the orders of his prosecutor.

In the city of Toulo, a man who wrote “Macronavirus” on a banner in his garden was arrested by the police.