A prominent Muslim scholar from Switzerland, Tariq Ramadan, was supposed to begin teaching a seminar on Islamic ethics at the University of Notre Dame on 24 August 2004, but he did not show up for his first class because the State Department revoked his visa.

University officials said an American diplomat telephoned the scholar this month at his home in Geneva and told him that his permission to work in the United States, which was approved earlier that year, had been revoked. They said the diplomat offered no explanation.

Later on it is revealed that the US State Department revoked his visa under the Patriot Act, counter-terrorism law of the US. The government has said that Mr. Ramadan was not denied a visa because of the provision in the Patriot Act, but because of contributions he had made to charities considered by the United States to have connections to terrorism.

Six years after using the Patriot Act to revoke the visa of a prominent Muslim academic, the US State Department reversed itself and said on 20 January 2010 that it would no longer bar the scholar from entering the United States.