War Crimes





US covered up civilian deaths in Syria airstrike

A Pentagon investigation has determined that US troops did not commit war crimes or deliberately kill civilians in 2019 airstrikes in Syria that killed dozens of people, including women and children. The strikes on Baghuz, where desperate ISIS fighters were holed up and making their final stand, killed at least four civilians, but were kept […]

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US military killed many Afghan civilians during withdrawal

An Army investigation into the Biden administration’s catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan last year found the White House and State Department were too late in reacting to the Taliban’s final offensive, according to a new report Tuesday. Senior officials failed to understand the significance of the Taliban’s push toward Kabul and resisted efforts by military commanders […]

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UN says $3.9bn needed for help in Yemen as conflict escalates

The United Nations will need about $3.9bn this year to help millions of people in war-torn Yemen, a top UN humanitarian official has said. Acting Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator Ramesh Rajasingham told the UN Security Council on Wednesday that “the biggest constraint right now is funding” to help about […]

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ABD’nin Suriye’deki Tabka Barajı nı bombaladığı ortaya çıktı

Near the height of the war against the Islamic State in Syria, a sudden riot of explosions rocked the country’s largest dam, a towering, 18-story structure on the Euphrates River that held back a 25-mile-long reservoir above a valley where hundreds of thousands of people lived. The Tabqa Dam was a strategic linchpin and the […]

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Indictment filed against Milenko Zivanovic for crimes against humanity

The prosecutor of the Special Department for War Crimes has filed an indictment against Milenko Živanović, born in 1946 in Ratkovići, Srebrenica, on suspicion of having committed a crime against humanity, stated the BiH Prosecutor’s Office. The indictment charges Živanović with planning and directing the activities of Drina Corps units in a widespread and systematic […]

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UN agency says to cut food aid to Yemen for want of funds

The World Food Programme said Wednesday it was “forced” to cut aid to Yemen due to lack of funds, and warned of a surge in hunger in the war-torn country. “From January, eight million will receive a reduced food ration, while five million at immediate risk of slipping into famine conditions will remain on a […]

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How the U.S. Hid an Airstrike That Killed Dozens of Civilians in Syria

The military never conducted an independent investigation into a 2019 bombing on the last bastion of the Islamic State, despite concerns about a secretive commando force. In the last days of the battle against the Islamic State in Syria, when members of the once-fierce caliphate were cornered in a dirt field next to a town […]

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New bill in France: Silence Muslim Harkis with money

New draft law in France: Harkis must be recognized France has prepared a draft law for the recognition of Algerians (Harki) who fought alongside France in the Algerian War of Independence and to relieve their grievances. Government Spokesperson Gabriel Attal announced that after the Council of Ministers meeting, they submitted the draft law, which they […]

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Colin Powell, architect of the US invasion of Iraq, died

Colin Powell, the first Black US secretary of state whose leadership in several Republican administrations helped shape American foreign policy in the last years of the 20th century and the early years of the 21st, has died from complications from Covid-19, his family said on Facebook. He was 84. “General Colin L. Powell, former U.S. […]

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steinmeieer kara geçmişiyle yüzleşmek istiyor

Confession of massacre by German President Steinmeier

Steinmeier says Germany need to take responsibility for colonialism During the opening of two new exhibitions at Berlin’s new Humboldt Forum museum complex, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier urged for shared responsibility for the consequences of colonialism. During a ceremony to open the first sections of the Ethnological Museum and the Museum of Asian Art on […]

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Country: Germany
Source: , DailySabah