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Canada’s Quebec to ban public workers from wearing religious symbols

The Canadian province of Quebec will ban public sector employees from wearing religious symbols during work hours, in legislation introduced on Thursday, a controversial move that critics say targets Muslim women who wear hijabs or other head coverings. The proposed law sets the province’s right-leaning Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) government on a collision course with Prime Minister […]

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Country: Canada
Source: TRT Haber , TRT World



Central council of Jews calls on German army to restore Jewish chaplaincy

The head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany Josef Schuster called on the German military to offer its Jewish and Muslim members religious service as it does to Christians. In a column in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Schuster wrote that “young Jews…consider Germany to be their home,” adding that it is time to “restore an […]

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Country: Germany
Source: Hürriyet , The Jarusalem Post



In Geneva, the law of secularism was adopted

In the Geneva canton of Switzerland, the law of secularism, which was supposed to target Muslims and headscarved women, was adopted in the referendum. The Grand Assembly of the Canton of Geneva approved the law of secularism, which framed the relationship between long-held states and religions, in the last week of April. Opposition parties and […]

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Kosher slaughter ends in northern Belgium, threatening supplies to Europe

As the year 2018 came to a close Monday, it brought with it an end to kosher slaughter in the northern Flanders region of Belgium, home to half of the country’s Jewish population and a major supplier of meat for European Jewish communities. In June 2017, the parliament in the Flemish region, one of the […]

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Country: Belgium
Source: Times of Israel , TRT Haber



Political exclusion of conservative Muslims in Europe

The representation of diverse groups in politics and policy-making process constitutes one of the pillars of democratic regimes. Yet, Muslim minorities of European countries face a considerable lack of political representation. Only a few of conservative Muslims manage to get a position in national politics and legislative institutions. Moreover, the presence of Muslim deputies in […]

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Source: SETA



Italy’s League blocks Muslims from buying and converting chapel

Italy’s far-right League party intervened on October 28 to block efforts by a Muslim association to turn a former hospital chapel into a mosque. The Muslim group last week made the highest offer for the chapel in the northern city of Bergamo at an auction organized by a local hospital, outbidding the Romanian Orthodox Church which […]

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Country: Italy
Source: Reuters , TRT Haber



Germany prepares to ban Turkish imams

German Interior Ministry sent out invitations to all religious groups in Germany convening them in Berlin on October 16th to discuss the working conditions of foreign religious workers. However, certain words on the invitation made the leaders of the Turkish Muslim community to believe Germany is about to ban Imams coming to Germany to work […]

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Country: Germany
Source: Diaspora Daily



Swedish far-right party submits motion calling for circumcision ban

A leader of the right-wing populist Sweden Democrats party submitted a draft motion calling for a ban on non-medical circumcision of boys, which the text defined as “backward” child abuse. Sweden Democrats Secretary Richard Jomshof on Wednesday submitted the draft for a nonbinding motion on circumcision to the Riksdag, the Swedish parliament, where his party […]

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Country: Sweden
Source: The Times of Israel , Haberler



US mosque faces restrictions on daily prayers

Hundreds of Muslims on Wednesday flocked to Virginia in support of a mosque’s request to be allowed to conduct basic religious services. A public hearing was held in Fairfax County to decide whether an amendment requested by the Mclean Islamic Center (MIC) should be approved. The amendment calls for the mosque to extend its hours […]

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Country: United States
Source: Anadolu Agency



Danish police investigate officer who hugged niqab-wearing protester

A Copenhagen policewoman is being investigated for embracing a niqab-wearing protester during a demonstration against a ban on face veils, the force’s complaints body said on Wednesday. The incident, in which the protester appeared to be crying, was captured by a Reuters photographer on August 1 when a countrywide ban on the wearing of face veils in public took effect. The […]

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Country: Denmark
Source: The Express Tribune , Sputnik