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Britain will electronically tag some asylum seekers with GPS devices

The plan launched this week, which the Home Office described as a one-year pilot, may involve adults who face deportation, impose a curfew on some or allow the detention and prosecution of those who do not comply with the new rules. The British Home Office said the plan will test whether monitoring migrants with GPS […]

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Country: United Kingdom
Source: Euronews , WashingtonPost





Politician of Turkish descent aims to tackle racism in Sweden

A Turkish Swedish man who has been living in Sweden for over two decades and established a political party to fight racism and anti-Muslim hatred recently visited his hometown in central Turkey to mobilize support. Mikail Yüksel, who completed his undergrad and post-graduate studies at the University of Gothenburg, plans to run for the Swedish […]

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Country: Sweden
Source: AA , TRT , DailySabah




Racism agaisnt Muslims in Canada

A man with a history of promoting hate was sentenced in a Canadian court Monday to 18 months behind bars for contravening six court orders to stop making defamatory comments about restaurant owner Mohamad Fakih. Kevin J. Johnston, a mayoral candidate for the city of Calgary, Alberta, was jailed by Justice Fred Myers for breaking […]

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Country: Canada
Source: , AA




The British government has quietly admitted it lets MI5 break the law

A policy which allows British security service agents to commit serious criminal activities including violence is lawful, a tribunal ruled by a slim majority on Friday. Four human rights groups had argued that it was against British law and the European Convention on Human Rights for the MI5 domestic spy agency to permit agents, those […]

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Country: United Kingdom
Source: DW , AJ



Salvini illegally wears police and fire service badges

Italy takes its dress code as a matter of permanent national priority. Each profession has its own official or de facto uniform. Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has chosen to defy the code by wearing shirts with police or fire service insignia. He says this is a sign of his support for the respective forces. […]

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Country: Italy
Source: TRT Haber , BBC




Far-right Italian minister sues anti-mafia writer over ‘underworld’ tweet

Italy’s far-right interior minister, Matteo Salvini, is suing the country’s celebrated anti-mafia author Roberto Saviano for defamation over a tweet that described him as “minister of the underworld”. “I filed a lawsuit against Saviano, as promised,” Salvini, who is also deputy prime minister and leader of the League party, wrote on Twitter. “I accept any criticisms, […]

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Country: Italy
Source: The Guardian



Polish president signs bill giving jail time for implicating Poland In the Holocaust

Polish president President Andrzej Duda signed a bill on Tuesday that authorizes jail time for people convicted of suggesting the country was complicit in the Holocaust. Poland is the location of several former concentration campus, including Auschwitz-Birkenau, where 1 million people — almost all of them Jews — were systematically killed in World War II. […]

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Country: Poland
Source: NPR




US Journalists Arrested, Charged Following Anti-Trump Protests

According to The Guardian, a documentary producer, a photojournalist, a live-streamer and a freelance reporter have been charged with serious offences under Washington DC’s anti-rioting laws. It comes after two more journalists, Evan Engel of Vocativ and Alex Rubinstein of RT America, were also caught up in the police action against demonstrators. All have faced […]

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Country: United States
Source: The Guardian




Muslim woman fined €30,000 for ‘refusing to remove niqab’ in Italy

A Muslim woman has been hit with a €30,000 fine for wearing a niqab at a town hall in Italy, it has been reported. The 40-year-old woman wore the full-body veil at a youth parliament meeting in Pordenone, north-east Italy, last month, Messaggero Veneto reported. According to the newspaper, she was asked to remove the […]

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Country: Italy
Source: EveningStandart



Dutchman Sentenced To One Month In Jail For Calling The King “A Murderer, Rapist And Thief”

A Dutchman has been sentenced to 30 days in jail under a rarely enforced 19th century law for intentionally insulting King Willem-Alexander, according to a court ruling published on Thursday. The 44-year-old man from the city of Kampen, whose name was not released, had posted a message on his Facebook page in April 2015 calling […]

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Country: Germany
Source: Daily Sabah