November 17 terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas will receive a fifth consecutive prison leave which will last six days, including two days that are being granted to him as travel time.

The previous times that Koufodinas was granted a furlough there were statements of  disapproval from the U.S. and British embassies in Athens, since some of the terrorist’s victims were U.S and British diplomats.

Koufodinas was transferred in August, 2018 to the Volos Agricultural Prison, where the conditions are much better and inmates receive many advantages. This is the first leave he has received from this more lenient prison.

The Prison Board granted the leave based on Koufoudinas’ behavior and the time he has served so far.

In addition, the board took into consideration the fact that Koufodinas makes good use of his leave and always returns on time after the end of his furloughs.