Slovak lawmakers voted to criminalize foreign national anthems

Traditionally, a presidential veto is seen as a sign that the president is overriding the wishes of the country’s lawmakers. But in outgoing Slovak President Andrej Kiska’s case, to veto a law that a majority of lawmakers voted for last week would be to do them a favor. Slovakia’s far-right Slovak National Party or SNS […]

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Country: Slovakia
Source: Euro News , WP




New mothers and babies often detained in Slovak hospitals

Monika Krcova did not want to follow the official guidelines and remain in the hospital in Slovakia for four days after her third baby’s birth. And so she escaped. Like many other Roma, she tells horror stories about giving birth in the hospital: How doctors at the Kezmarok hospital in eastern Slovakia slapped her face […]

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Country: Slovakia
Source: Hürriyet , Washington Post



Slain Slovak journalist was probing alleged government-mafia ties

A Slovak reporter was investigating alleged ties between the country’s prime minister’s office and an Italian mafia network when he was killed this week, his colleagues and friends said Tuesday, as Europe’s latest murder of an organized crime reporter roiled this small nation. Jan Kuciak, a 27-year-old investigative journalist, was set to publish a report […]

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Country: Slovakia
Source: The Wall Street Journal




Slovakia and Hungary challenge EU’s refugee quotas

Hungary and Slovakia have told the European Union’s top court that sharing out asylum-seekers among member-states in a quota system is unlawful. The dispute is putting pressure on relations with other member states and threatens serious division within the bloc. During a hearing at the EU’s Court of Justice, Hungary and Slovakia defended their refusal […]

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Country: Slovakia
Source: Euronews