Muslim councillor “forced to sit out council meeting because of headscarf”

In an early test for Geneva’s controversial new secularism law, a Muslim councillor on Tuesday chose to sit in the public gallery during a recent council meeting rather than obey the new legislation by removing her headscarf so that she could take part in the session. The move by Sabine Tiguemounine, a councillor with the […]

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Country: Switzerland
Source: TRT Haber , The Local



Switzerland’s prison population swells 50% in less than 30 years

Much of this is due to population growth. Switzerland’s population grew 28% over the same period. However, population growth doesn’t account for all of the increase in prison numbers. In 1988, there were 70 prisoners per 100,000. By 2017, the same figure was 17% higher at 82 per 100,000. In 2017 there were 6,863 prisoners […]

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Country: Switzerland
Source: Euro News , Le News



Man fined 210 Swiss francs for saying ‘Allahu akbar’

Police in the Swiss city of Schaffhausen have defended their decision to fine a man who used the words “Allahu akbar” in public. The incident in May 2018, which saw the man fined 150 Swiss francs (€132) plus 60 francs in administrative charges, came to light this week after the 22-year-old involved went public with […]

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Country: Switzerland
Source: The Local




Begging ban upheld by Switzerland’s highest court

Around 250 people in Lausanne have demonstrated against the begging ban in canton Vaud, western Switzerland, which came into force on Thursday. Beggars now face being fined CHF50-100 ($50-100). “Begging is not a crime”, was the slogan of the rally. Ada Marra, a parliamentarian for the leftwing Social Democratic Party, regretted in a speech that the […]

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Country: Switzerland
Source: Swissinfo



Swiss region overwhelmingly supports ‘burqa ban’ in public places

A second Swiss canton will introduce a regional “burqa ban”, after voters in St. Gallen overwhelmingly voted Sunday to prohibit all face-covering garments in public spaces. Nearly 67 percent of voters in the northeastern Swiss canton voted in favor of the new law, according to official results, paving the way for it to follow the […]

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Country: Switzerland
Source: The Local , Sputnik



Muslim couple denied Swiss citizenship over no handshake

A Muslim couple have been denied Swiss citizenship after they refused to shake hands with people of the opposite sex during their interview, officials say. They confirmed the decision on Friday, further citing the couple’s failure to integrate and respect gender equality. The couple, interviewed months ago, also struggled to answer questions by members of […]

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Country: Switzerland
Source: BBC



Switzerland refuses to take more asylum seekers from Italy, Greece

Switzerland has rejected a refugee relocation program proposed by the European Union to relieve the burden on frontier countries like Italy and Greece, local media reported on Sunday. The Sonntags Blick paper reported that a spokesperson from the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) has confirmed that the country will not renew its commitment to […]

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Country: Switzerland
Source: Ekathimerini



Switzerland allowed sarin gas component export to Syria

In 2014 a Swiss firm exported to Syria a chemical substance which can be used to produce deadly sarin gas, Swiss media reported on Wednesday. According to public Swiss Radio and Television RTS, a Swiss firm exported five metric tons of the chemical isopropanol to Syria in 2014. In May 2014, the Organization for the […]

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Country: Switzerland
Source: Anadolu Agency , Habertürk



Swiss authorities criticized for ignoring PKK victims

A Turkish nongovernmental organization criticized Swiss authorities in Geneva on Wednesday for not allowing it the use of billboards to draw attention to the PKK terror group’s victims in Turkey. In a statement, the Turkish Community in Switzerland, which is also known as Association Turque en Suisse (ATS), pointed out that Swiss authorities had failed […]

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Country: Switzerland
Source: Anadolu Agency




Amnesty International criticizes Switzerland for hosting Myanmar army officials

The Swiss branch of Amnesty International has criticised a visit to Switzerland by a high-ranking delegation of Myanmar army officials to discuss federalism. The visit comes as thousands more Rohingya Muslims continue to flee violence in western Myanmar and cross into Bangladesh. “The visit [to Switzerland] is unacceptable in our eyes, as for over a […]

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Country: Switzerland
Source: SWI