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Muslim teacher banned from wearing headscarf by German court

A Berlin labour court has found the city was right to bar a teacher who wears a Muslim headscarf from teaching primary school classes, rejecting her discrimination complaint. Justice Arne Boyer ruled on Wednesday that the city state’s so-called neutrality law, which bars the wearing of overt religious symbols and clothing for state employees on […]

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Country: Germany
Source: SBS News , Deutsche Welle




German state orders all government buildings to display a Christian cross

A German state has ordered that Christian crosses should be placed on the entrance of all government buildings. Bavaria’s conservative government has said the crosses should not be seen as religious symbols, but are meant to reflect the southern German state’s “cultural identity and Christian-western influence.” Crosses are already compulsory in public schools and courtrooms […]

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Country: Germany
Source: The Independent




Jerusalem’s Holy Sepulchre church closes in tax protest

The heads of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, considered the holiest site in Christianity, have shuttered its doors to protest against a new tax and a piece of Israeli legislation that will allow the government to confiscate church land. In the rare step not seen for close to three decades, church leaders accused Israel of a […]

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Country: Israel
Source: The Guardian




French President Emmanuel Macron rejects Corsican language demand

France’s Emmanuel Macron has said he will not recognise Corsican as an official language on his first visit to the French Mediterranean island. The president also rejected another demand by Corsican nationalists for a special residency status to prevent property speculation by outsiders. But Mr Macron promised more investment and said he was open to […]

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Country: France
Source: BBC




Those who not seem like German face discrimination, report says

In the study, carried out by the Council of German Foundations on Integration and Migration (SVR), responses from over 5,000 immigrants and people with a migrant background across Germany were collected. Of those who described their appearance as “typically German,” around 17 percent stated they felt disadvantaged because of their roots. By contrast, 48 percent […]

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Country: Germany
Source: The Local





Muslim clerics convicted after funeral row

A court in Thessaloniki on Monday handed suspended seven-month prison sentences to two Muslim clerics after they took over prayers at a funeral service from a state-appointed preacher. The two men were found guilty of disturbing a religious ceremony and usurping authority but their terms were suspended and they were released. Greek law dictates the […]

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Country: Greece
Source: Ekathimerini




Canada will pay compensation to thousands of indigenous ‘stolen children’

Canada’s government says it will pay millions of dollars in compensation to indigenous children who were taken from their families decades ago and placed up for adoption. The government said Friday that an estimated 20,000 indigenous children who were taken by welfare authorities between the 1960s and 1980s and placed for adoption or in foster […]

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Country: Canada
Source: Voice of America




Neo-Nazi murder trial to hear last arguments in Germany

Closing arguments in a high-profile neo-Nazi murder trial in Germany will begin on Wednesday, the court announced on Tuesday. Members of the far-right terrorist group National Socialist Underground (NSU) are accused of killing at least eight Turkish immigrants, a Greek citizen and a German policewoman between 2000 and 2007. Presiding Judge Manfred Goetzl said at […]

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Country: Germany
Source: Anatolian News Agency




Switzerland puzzles over citizenship test after lifelong resident fails

Should foreign residents have to know how to recycle waste oil before they can apply for citizenship? Are people who shop at local corner shops more deserving citizens than those who frequent supermarkets? And what kind of sport is “hornussing”? These are just some of the questions Switzerland is puzzling over after a 25-year-old failed […]

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Country: Switzerland
Source: Guardian



15 Temmuz Demokrasi ve Milli Birlik Günü etkinlikleri kapsamında Gençlik ve Spor Bakanlığı ile Avrupalı Türk Demokratlar Birliğinin (UETD) İngiltere şubesinin düzenlediği anma programı, Londra'nın kuzeyinde yer alan, Türkçe konuşan toplumun yoğun olarak yaşadığı Walthamstow bölgesindeki Walthamstow Belediye Sarayı'nda yapıldı.  ( Ian Adamson - Anadolu Ajansı )

London: PKK supporters target Turks at July 15 event

Sympathizers of the PKK terror organization attacked a group of Turks gathered at an event Friday in British capital. One policeman was injured when the 40-man strong group threw objects at the Turks who were in the Walthamstow Town Hall to commemorate the anniversary of the July 15 defeated coup in Turkey. There were more […]

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Country: United Kingdom
Source: Anatolian News Agency