Østerbo  20170726.
Innvandrings- og inntegreringsminister Sylvi Listhaug (FrP) intervjues etter debatten på Evangeliesenteret i Østfold onsdag.
Foto: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

Norwegian minister encourages refugees who shall travel to their home countries to report it

Sylvi Listhaug is urging ordinary people – especially those traveling with children – to report to the Immigration Dictoriate (UDI) that they are about to travel to their home country. “People have come to me this election campaign and have mentioned that neighbors and/or others in their community have been on holiday to the country […]

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Country: Norway
Source: Norway Today




Norway proposes ban on full-face veils in schools

Norway aims to ban face-covering Muslim veils in kindergartens, schools and universities, the government said on Monday, the latest European nation to propose restrictions on wearing burqas and niqabs. France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria and the German state of Bavaria have all imposed restrictions on wearing full-face veils in public places. Norway’s minority government, a […]

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Country: Norway
Source: Reuters




Norway accused of antisemitism, Islamophobia as circumcision banned

Norway’s anti-immigrant and libertarian Progress Party (FrP) voted on Tuesday to ban circumcision for boys under 16 and bar hijabs in public schools. The decisions were taken in the national annual conference of the FrP, in which the advocates of the circumcision ban claimed it causes “mental and physical harm to children.” Norwegian premier Erna […]

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Country: Norway
Source: Daily Sabah




Norwegian mother cries for help after 6-year-old daughter sexually assaulted in foster care

Norway’s child care services have been reluctant to take action following the sexual abuse of a six-year-old child by her foster family, to the outrage of the child’s own family. Stine Gulbrandsen, a Norwegian mother of two girls, poured her heart out in a video explaining what happened to her and her children. Speaking in […]

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Country: Norway
Source: Daily Sabah