Swedish assault case thrown out because man ‘seemed to come from a good family’

n February Solna District Court judged that the Stockholm-based man should be acquitted of an alleged assault against his girlfriend from 2015 because his guilt could not be proven. The woman claimed that he assaulted her by for example pushing her into a chair, striking her and pulling her hair, which the man denied. The […]

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Country: Sweden
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Members of Sanjali take part in a yoga session at the Sanjali daycare rehabilitation centre for mental illnesses in New Delhi on May 28, 2009. Most of the patients at the Sanjali rehabilitation centre in New Delhi cannot explain why they are there or what their lives were like before chronic mental illness struck. But they are among the lucky few in India to receive regular treatment in a country where discussing mental health carries a huge stigma and mental hospitals are often strict and frightening institutions. Experts say around 20 million Indians are afflicted with serious mental disorders, and most are hidden from public view by their families. Treatment normally ranges from temple visits to sessions with informal faith healers or more extreme "cures" involving everything from witchcraft to iron chains.  AFP PHOTO/ Manpreet ROMANA / AFP PHOTO / MANPREET ROMANA

Dramatic rise in suicides among asylum seeker children in Sweden

More asylum seekers from the “unaccompanied children” age bracket tend to kill themselves while waiting for a residence permit in Sweden. A survey by the Karolinska Institute put suicide as the leading cause of death in this age group, with an incidence ten times higher than that among their Swedish peers. In 2017 alone, twelve […]

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Headscarf ban in the workplace ‘not discriminatory’: Sweden’s Discrimination Ombudsman

A uniform policy by Scandinavian airline SAS banning staff who deal directly with customers from wearing religious symbols like headscarves does not breach anti-discrimination laws, Sweden’s Discrimination Ombudsman (DO) has judged. The policy first made headlines in April 2017, when a woman who had gone through the interview process for a job with the company […]

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Muslims are ‘not completely human,’ Swedish politician claims, causing uproar

Martin Strid, of the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats (SD), made the comments while addressing party faithful gathered for the SD’s national conference. Other members have distanced themselves from Strid who now faces expulsion. Addressing the crowd, Strid, according to various local sources said that there is a scale of humanity from 1 to 100, that Muslims can be placed upon and that […]

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Sweden is deporting a 106-year-old blind Afghan refugee to the “safe” part of Afghanistan

Sweden, long regarded as Europe’s most refugee-friendly country, is no longer making a name from its generosity. The Scandinavian country is on a mission to quickly deport the rejected asylum seekers lingering within its borders. Among them is 106-year-old Bibikhal Uzbek, a blind, disabled grandmother from Afghanistan. Just weeks from her 107th birthday, Uzbek was […]

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Sweden to deport 106-year-old Afghan woman, believed to be the world’s oldest refugee

The Swedish Migration Agency rejected the asylum application and ruled for the deportation of a 106-year-old Afghan woman, who is blind, confined to bed and is believed to be the world’s oldest refugee. According to the report of Sweden’s public radio broadcaster, the agency denied the asylum request of Bibikhal Uzbek, who has been living […]

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Country: Sweden
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In Swedish asylum limbo, young Afghans turn to heroin

Afghan asylum seekers in Sweden say smoking heroin, the highly-addictive drug related to opium which Afghanistan produces and distributes around the world, helps ease their fear of being deported Beer cans, newspapers drenched in vomit and aluminium foil litters the ground inside a parking garage where young Afghan asylum seekers smoke heroin as they shelter […]

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Sweden tightens the security after the terror attack in Stockholm that killed 4

A lorry drove into a crowd on a busy shopping street in Sweden’s capital Stockholm on Friday, killing four people and wounding 15, police said. Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said everything indicated the crash was “a terrorist attack”. “Sweden has been attacked. Everything points to the fact that this is a terrorist attack,” Prime Minister […]

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Country: Sweden
Source: Euronews , ITV